Valedo - Your Digital Back Trainer And Coach

relieve and stabilize

- fights back pain playfully

- the medical device for digital back therapy every where

- therapeutic exercises is fun



Valedo is he new digital back training and therapy for a safe and effective back workout. Valedo, the award-winning medical device consists of 2 wireless motion sensors in conjunction with the accompanying iOS or Android app.


Valedo exercises aimed specifically at strengthening and stabilizing the lower back muscles, which are neglected by classic sports exercises. Playful success with 17 different moving units, involved in 45 Back exercises.


2 Motion Sensors

The wireless motion sensors detect even the smallest movements of your upper body in real time and in 3D using the latest Bluetooth technology.


45 Therapeutic Exercises

Perform playful the right back movements in a right way! Thanks to the connection between the sensor and application, it will immediately warn you if you do any icorrect movements.


iOS & Android App

Safely back training thanks to the Valedo App. After each exercise, you will receive a clear training evaluation, which you can also directly send your therapist.


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