resolve and change

- Quick resolution of tensions and pain in everyday life

- Strengthening of muscles, joints and organs

- General increase in performance due to increased oxygen uptake


An acute tension never originated, the experience, complete in its present state. It is a combination of the current situation of stress and a stress pattern, what often goes back to the childhood.


The current stress is only the trigger, the button pusher, this already existing in the body tension and stress patterns. The body responds to the current situation with the stored internal settings with an autonomous unconsciously controlled program.


He responds so with an old program to a new situation. That's why we make us at least 50% of the stress ourself: We react to new requirements with old conditionings and old claims and requirements in the luggage, which are often not conducive to this new situation.

The foundation of this stress pattern is formed around the birth until the age of 7. We are born in a meritocracy in which we learned that we have to work and are "good" if we have done something, and we are less "good" when we relaxed and enjoy. Certain brain areas of rational thought, commitment and to functioning are much more encouraged and strengthened as the relaxation, self perception, intuition and in suspension.


Therefore, we are trained from the outset (unconsciously) foreign to the body and often feel cut off from our needs. We believe often not to be ok, if we have not accomplished or done something.


This keeps us permanent - and it often unconsciously - under an elevated ground voltage.


And exactly here the sonar treatment allows the conscious solution, where you - by freeing the deep breathing - tracking old stress patterns, causes and reactivated the organic reflex.


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