Myoreflex Therapy (Deep Tissue)

Is good for

- chronic Pain
- soft tissue disorders
- Migraine, sleep and vision problems
- Behavioral problems (ADHD)
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Relaxed into the Winter

A traditional back massage not only loosens up tension! US scientists found that the body responds with a lower production of the stress hormone cortisol. Furthermore, this also increases the production of lymphocytes, a subgroup of white blood cells playing an important role in the defense against pathogens. Already a gentle massage leads to an increase of the oxytocin level. This "cuddle hormone" helps us to create closeness to others and triggers off feelings of happiness. Treat yourself to a massage that soothes away everyday stress, boosts your immune system and makes you feel comfortable.

Manipulative Massage according to Dr. J.C. Terrier

helps for

- Malfunction in the joints (shoulder, neck, knee, etc.)
- acute and chronic overuse symptoms
- over -and undertension (hyper-and hypotension)
- after surgery and trauma (postoperative-traumatic)
- Tendon pain (Tendomyosen)
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Classic Massage

nourishes, heals, promotes

- Skin, connective tissue and muscle cramps (myogelosis)
- Blood circulation and lymph flow
- Reduction of pain
- Metabolism  ::  more

What is the benefit of a massage?

As a massage therapist, I apply specific stimuli exciting the body to better regulate itself. However, not every body needs the same stimuli, or in other words: If you are already strained, you do not need more stress. My task is therefore to recognize the kind of stimulus your body needs. And then, from a wide range of hand and massage moves, I select the best and most appropriate technique for you.

Esalen Massage

preventive, curative, opening

- tension, whether mentally, physically, emotionally or unfavorable life habits
- tendons, connective tissues and deeper structures
- hardened and compacted body and life structures  ::  more

Sport Massage

promotes, improves, obtain

- promotes training effectiveness and well-being of the athlete
- lowers muscle tone to reduce the braking effect
- increases blood flow before, during and after exercise
- restores performance  ::  more



to support

- internal organs
- the body’s own healing power
- blood flow to the organs
- energy flow  ::  more

Pneumatic Pulsation Massage  (PPM)

Great for

- Muscle, joint or bone problems
- slower metabolism, cellulite, skin disorders
- pain, arthritis, migraine, tinitus
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Prenatal Massage

for the treatment of

- lover back and coccyx pain
- heavy legs, liquid congestion
- tension and nervousness
- tender loving care for mother and child  ::  more

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

for the treatment of

- accumulation of fluid (edema)
- strengthen the immune system
- detoxification, drainage
- Activation of fat metabolism  ::  more

Hot-Stone Massage

is stimulating for

- blood circulation
- tense deep muscle tissue
- sense of well being
  ::  more

Lomi Lomi Nui

to support

- Tension headaches and migraines

- Stress and burn-out
- General physical pain and tension
- It serves the cleansing and healing on a physical, psychological,
  mental and spiritual level
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Until today I've done without massage, why should I now come to you?

Your body is programmed for survival and may be capable to work under high pressure without breaking down for years. The question is: Do you know in advance the date on which you must start reducing your burden in order not to fall into a burn-out or circulatory collapse? Just because you do not know how long you can overdo it, it is important that you switch into the right direction on time.
Here, a massage may support you in a sustainable way.


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