Prices (according to tariff 590)



30 minutes CHF   63.00

45 minutes CHF   94.50

60 minutes CHF 126.00

90 minutes CHF 189.00

Hot-Stone Massage

CHF 140.00 pro Behandlung

Pneumatic Pulsation Massage

30 minutes CHF   63.00

60 minutes CHF 126.00


For the advanced purchase of 10 sessions, the 11th is complimentary.


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Massages are often covered by additional medical insurance.

Please check the details of your insurance cover.

Massages are also a fantastic gift idea. Vouchers are available on request.

Tariff 590

The tariff 590 is a list of outpatient complementary medical services according to supplementary insurance (VVG). The tariff 590 serves the standardization, so that in the future all insurance settlements can be issued and settled in the same layout.
Likewise, the tariff figures were partially redefined, adapted and standardized.

From 1 January 2018 it is mandatory for all complementary therapists to apply tariff 590.
The treatment time includes preparation for the massage as well as documentation of the treatment for the reclaim receipt for the insurer.

Credit Card

When paying by credit card, a surcharge of 3.00 CHF fees has to payed.


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