Pneumatic Pulsation Massage (PPM)

Great for:

- Muscle, joint or bone problems
- slower metabolism, cellulite, skin disorders
- pain, arthritis, migraine, tinitus


In the pneumatic Pulsationsmassage, a high quality massager is used, the Pneumatron200N. With gentle pressure, the tissue is sucked in and immediately relaxed again. And that at a rate of 200 times per minute. The massage stimulates a low center of body tissue; This massage stimulates deep body tissue, stimulates the circulation of all tissue fluids and activates the body's regulation of tension, migraine, cellulite, scars and pain. The effect can be enhanced by additional heat and cold stimuli.


Through the increased blood and lymphatic circulation, vital substances such as hormones, vitamins and minerals can be transported into the cells and are available to the organism for optimal metabolic performance. Additionally, inflammation mediators and environmental pollutants can be better released and removed/ excreted.


The pneumatic pulsation massage is good for preventive health maintenance and to naturally strengthen vitality. The method has been successfully used since 1993 in clinics and practices and combines some of the physical therapies.

Treat yourself and be pampered by the pneumatic pulsation massage treatment.



Here is a study on the treatment of neck pain with PPT:

Pneumed-Studie Nackenschmerzen (in german)


More Information:

Pneumed Patientenflyer (in german)

Pneumed Kundenflyer (in german)



Give your beauty the right Impulses

Pneumatic Pulsating Massage:

The gentle stimulation with depth effect.

Pneumatic Pulsating Massage – a beautiful invention

„Do something good to your body, so that your soul becomes thrilled to live in it.“                     Teresa von Ávila


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