Myoreflex Therapy (Deep Tissue)

Is good for:

- chronic Pain
- soft tissue disorders
- Migraine, sleep and vision problems
- Behavioral problems (ADHD)


Myoreflex Therapy has been evolving since about 1990 based upon a number of discoveries from a variety of disciplines. It was founded by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter. As an integrative and holistic form of therapy, Myoreflex Therapy incorporates experiences and insights drawn from ancient cultures along with the latest discoveries of modern physics and contemporary academic medicine.
Myoreflextherapy working primarily with pressure stimulation to the muscle attachments. This reflex points bring  muscle tension patterns of the respective muscles are perceived, implemented and regulated by selfreflex.
Change and regulate the muscular work and exercise patterns, the symptoms may fade away, joints and soft tissue structures undergo a relief and even chronic degenerative progressive changes are stopped and regenerate.

Also for prevention are for the customer according to the instructions autonomously performed KID exercises (strength in stretching) is an important component of the package, in which case muscle chains under maximum strain be activated and trained with it. >>> Click here to practice



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Planet Knowledge

TThe WDR broadcast, Planet knowledge, focused extensively in its episode of November 16, 2012 on Myoreflextherapy and the KiD training.

Information about the broadcast available on the channel's website


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