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Life is like a journey through nature. One comes across polarities such as hot - cold, wild - tame, male - female, active - passive, hard - soft, etc.


Through my job as a gardener and my voluntary social work, I learned to help with heart and hands both nature and people. My professional and private travels as a down-to-earth gardener, gave me the chance to get to know nature and culture as well as the diversity of people across the UK, USA, Central America, Canada and Australia. I encountered a number of people in this time. Their private space was often restricted and the access to their inner source was often blocked, just like a plant lacking water. Intuitively, I gave massages to relieve pain and improve quality of life, because touch is like an emotion which expresses itself from the outside in and from the inside out. This logic inspired my choice of a second training for med. Masseur at the Medical College of St. Gallen.


Today, in this fast, often discordant and restricted age, through in-depth technical knowledge and years of experience, I am able to relieve painful tensions, both mental or physical and provide sustainable solutions.


Training and education

- Full-time training for med masseur FA SRK (www.fachschule.com)

- Classic full-body massage with diploma Bio Medica Massage College

- Training for lymphatic drainage oedemtherapeut with clinicum in Feldberg Clinic Dr. Asdonk

- Reflexology after Hanne Marquart, principals and basic course

- Manipulative massage according to Dr. J. C. Terrier

- Spinal therapy according to Dorn and Breuss

- Hawaiian temple massage "Lomi Lomi Nui"

- Aquademie for water fitness in shallow water and for back training

- Training for "ESALEN Massage Practitioner"

- Certified Myoreflextherapeut by Dr. Kurt Mosetter (www.myoreflex.eu/en)

- Myofascial Release

- Tao massage

- Reflectory pain therapy with Pneumatron200 (PPM)

- S.O.N.A.R Treatment

Through my education and training,
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